Terms of Use and Conditions

1. What is www.electricrev.gr and how does it work?

1.1. The website www.electricrev.com is the entrance to the online store of the company under the name "TSOUMAS DANIEL - ELECTRIC REV" with headquarters in Athens, Athinon Street 78, 10441 Athens, with tax registration number 039564576, Tax Office Α of Athens, phone no. +30210-5128033. Distance selling of products and specifically bicycles and electric bicycles which will be from all categories (mountain bikes, city bikes, road bikes, women's bikes and children's bikes) as well as bicycle accessories, bicycle, rider clothing and footwear etc. is possible through the eshop or by telephone. Products may be sold only to any natural or legal person who has full legal capacity and whose purpose is not the resale or the commercial exploitation of the products. The Company reserves the right to refuse the sale or delivery of products to any natural or legal person there are indications that it violates the specific condition of non-resale (with or without violation of the above limit) or that it is found at any time that it does not have full legal capacity .

1.2. Access to the Website and the purchase of products from the Eshop, as well as telephone orders, are subject to these terms and conditions as well as the Privacy Policy. The customer is invited to carefully read these Terms and Conditions before prior to visit, use of the Website, creation of an Account, or making purchases through the company's Eshop as well as when making a telephone order. The navigation on the Website, the making of purchases from the online store or any other use of this Website and the making of telephone purchases, presuppose and constitute acceptance of all the Terms and Conditions by the customer. In case of disagreement or reservation of the customer for part or all of these Terms and Conditions, please refrain from making purchases from the eshop or generally from accessing the Website. Otherwise, the acceptance of all Terms and Conditions by the customer is considered.

The above Terms and Conditions are binding on the parties (the Company and the customers) and constitute the entire contract of the parties and prevail over any and all previous and current contracts between the customer and TSOUMAS DANIEL - ELECTRIC REV.

2. What is the structure of the online store www.electricrev.gr?

2.1. For the convenience of the customers in the search of the products, the Website includes various categories of products and their subcategories, search filters depending on the supplier, the type of product, etc. to make the purchases of the customers easier. Also, in the same context the customer is provided with various search tools either
• through fixed options e.g. category "mountain bikes", products with the most sales, new products etc.
• with a bar where the customer can enter their search details. There are also company events and articles. Finally, the website contains various information regarding the policies of the eshop as well as information about the store of the Company, such as address, opening hours.

2.2. The subcategories and search tools are set solely for the convenience of the customer in navigating the eshop and searching for products, without taking into account any additional criteria or other parameters that may determine his choice. ELECTRIC REV is not responsible to the customer or any third party, in relation to the automated results extracted from the use of the aforementioned tools or for the suitability of the products for the intended purpose. The customer uses the tools at his own risk in relation to the exported results, their accuracy and correctness. Also, for the use of any cookies for the display of the products to you, the cookies policy applies (see details at "PERSONAL DATA AND PRIVACY POLICY" no. 11 at the bottom line of the eshop)

3. Is it necessary to create an account to complete a purchase?

The customer is not obliged to create a user account in order to make a purchase, as there is the possibility of purchase as a "visitor".

4. Create an account.

4.1. User Account.

If the customer wishes, he can create a User Account with the following steps:

Goes to the eshop home page in the field that appears "LOGIN - REGISTRATION". By entering his e-mail address and clicking "REGISTER", he requests the creation of an account in the eshop. Then he receives a message from ELECTRIC REV at the stated e-mail address that he has created an eshop account. Alternatively he can create an account at the order submission stage as defined below (see 5.3). By submitting the registration application, costumer is invited to read and accept these Terms of Use, as well as the Privacy Policy of the eshop, by clicking the "I ACCEPT" button

4.2 Customer Data Management Pannel.
The customer can choose if he wants to receive newsletters. He also has in his Account a tool for managing his options for the processing of his personal data where he can at any time either give consent for communication or proceed to its withdrawal.

4.3. Correctness of submitted data.
The customer is required to enter the mandatory registration details during registration. In case he makes a purchase, he will then be asked to fill in and if he wishes to save in his Account for his convenience in his next purchases, the data related to the pricing and delivery of the products (such as telephone, delivery address, invoicing details). Any information he discloses to us, either through his Account or for the completion of his purchase through purchase as a "visitor", guarantees that it is absolutely correct, true, accurate and that he discloses it to our company legally.

The customer can modify or correct the personal data stored in his account at any time, by entering his account and specifically in the "Account Details" tab. In addition, in his Account he will find the "Order History" tab, any returns he has made, as well as the registered shipping and billing addresses. He can also delete his account as well as his details completely following the procedure of article 4.6. as shown below. More about the processing of your personal data in our eshop by our company can be seen in the "PERSONAL DATA AND PRIVACY POLICY" at the bottom line of the eshop.

4.4. Statutory obligation of the eshop to inform costumer on his order status.
ELECTRIC REV, in accordance with consumer protection legislation, must send the customer updates in the context of concluding and executing the distance selling contract. It is emphasized that any update that will be made to the email address or other contact element that the customer has notified during the creation of an account or during the purchases in the Eshop, will be considered valid even if it is not delivered to him due to an error in the listed from the same data or due to a technical or other fault in his server or due to a change in his data (unless he has informed the company in a timely manner).

If the contractual or legal obligations of the company are not fulfilled in time due to the use of untrue, incorrect personal data declared by the customer, the Company does not bear any responsibility.

4.5 Account password protection.
It is also necessary to create a secret login code in the Customer Account which he will enter himself. The customer should keep in mind that if the password is automatically deemed insecure by the system, they will not be able to continue and will therefore have to enter such a password to be allowed to register. With this code he will gain access to his Account whenever he wishes. This code identifies the customer and must always be kept confidential and secure. In particular, he bears the full and exclusive responsibility for the protection of the secret password he has created and uses to log in to his account. You must completely refrain from assigning the password to third parties in order to prevent any unauthorized access and use. He must also immediately inform the company if he has reason to believe that:

• the secret password may have been disclosed to a third party or
• there is a risk that his password will be used without his permission.

The customer bears full and exclusive responsibility for any action taken through his account. The company disclaims any responsibility for damages resulting from the use of the account due to unauthorized access or use of its account if it has not previously informed the company at info @ electricrev.gr stating the problem. In case the customer forgets his password, he will have to enter a new password from the beginning, as the password he sets is encrypted and cannot be retrieved.

4.6. Account Deletion
The customer is able to deactivate his account at any time freely and at will, as follows:

goes to his Account and specifically to the personal data settings "DELETE ACCOUNT" submitting a relevant request "Request for deletion". After deactivating his Account, any personal data are removed. The customer should keep in mind that in case of deletion of his account, it will not be possible to access his purchase data from the company, nor will his orders so far be traced. We may also terminate his Account by sending an e-mail in the event of a termination of the eshop or if it is found or there are suspicions or complaints about illegal use of his Account or for any other reason related to this contractual relationship and generally the company has the possibility to refuse the sale of products to the customer in case of violation of these terms (eg in case of resale).

5. Place an order and complete the purchase.

5.1. Product selection
Upon entering our online store, the customer can choose the product he is interested in, referring to the corresponding product category. By clicking on the product, he is interested in, he can see a photo of the product, as well as its description and technical characteristics, as written based on the information provided by the supplier (manufacturer) of the product. Since the description of the products includes only some main features, the customer can in case he has any question or need additional clarification for any product or more details, contact us electronically at info @ electricrev.gr or by phone at 210-5128033 Monday - Saturday 11:00 - 17:00 or visit our store.

5.2. Add to cart.
The customer can add the products he selects to his shopping cart by clicking on the corresponding button. He has at any time the opportunity to see details in relation to the contents of his basket and to be informed about their cost as well as the shipping cost (temporary data). At the same time, he is given the opportunity to modify the contents of the basket by deleting part or all of its contents or changing the quantities he has selected.

5.3. Completion of product selection for ordering.
The customer then moves on to the next step required to complete the submission of his order. At this point you are either required to create a user account or log in if you already have an account (see in more detail in paragraph 4 of the terms of use) or to complete the purchase as a visitor (without creating a user account).

After completing his details he is asked to fill in:

a) the method of receipt, the name of the recipient and the address where he will receive, the recipient's telephone number and any comments concerning the shipment. With the completion of the postal code, the cost of transport is calculated here. In case he submits his order while he is logged in to his account, these details appear as pre-filled. Alternatively, it can add a new address.

b) billing details (if different from those of the shipment)
c) the document that wishes to be issued for its purchase (receipt or invoice)
d) the method of shipment (see "QUALITY GUARANTEE - SHIPPING OF PRODUCTS")
e) the method of payment (see "METHODS OF PAYMENT")

At this stage he will see a preview of the products and will be informed about the total cost of his order (total price, shipping costs).

5.4. Completion of product selection for order submission.
• Then and if he wish to purchase these products, the customer must first read carefully and accept these Terms and Conditions and then continue by clicking the "Complete Order" button with a payment obligation. In this way he concludes a contract for the purchase of the products he has chosen with the company. Upon completion of the purchase, he will automatically receive an informative email that we have received his order.
• Availability check reservation
The eshop is connected to the company's warehouse through automated mechanisms to verify the immediate availability of a product. However, if due to an error in the operation of the automated warehouse control system for product availability, a product is ultimately not available, the customer will be informed by email or phone about the cancellation of the order and the withdrawal by us from the contract where he will be reimbursed for the price he has already paid.

• Price check reservation.
ELECTRIC REV also takes all necessary measures for the correct indication of the prices on the offered products. However, due to a technical error, there may be an error in the price and therefore, in this case, the customer will be informed about the email.

5.5 Information about delivery to the courier company
The customer will be informed of the information he has provided us with a new e-mail when his order will be delivered to the courier company, which will include the necessary information to monitor the delivery of the order by him.

6. Place an order by phone.

6.1. ELECTRIC REV accepts telephone orders, which are also governed by these terms and conditions. After receiving the telephone order, the aforementioned order confirmation message will be sent (see under 5.4.) To the email stated by the customer. Please note that the call center for telephone orders will be open Monday to Saturday from 11:00 to 17:00. Upon receipt of the telephone order, he will also give the Company a valid e-mail address (email) in order for the customer to receive the statutory communication in relation to the confirmation of the order and its development.

6.2. Customer has the obligation to submit to us correct and complete information for the execution of the telephone order according to the provisions of articles 4.3. and 4.4. above.

7. What about product prices?

7.1. The prices of the products listed in the Eshop are in euros and include value added tax (VAT). The listed prices do not include the additional required shipping charges which are added and announced before the completion of the order. The company reserves the right at any time to change its commercial policy regarding delivery costs and payment methods, informing the customer before concluding the respective purchase of what is valid each time.

7.2. ELECTRIC REV generally reserves the right accepted by the customer, to freely adjust the prices of the Products, to modify them at any time with a simple update by posting in its eshop. It will inform the customer about what is valid each time from the relevant post on. Although the company takes due diligence to ensure that all details, descriptions and prices displayed on this Website are accurate, errors may occur. In any case, the company reserves the right to cancel the purchase if an incorrect price is found on a product after checking the correctness of the price indicated in the eshop as mentioned in article 5.4. above.

8. What about payment methods?

For the purchase of Products through Eshop, the provided payment methods are:

•Pay on delivery
• Deposit the money in a bank account
• Payment by cash or card in our store
• Payment by credit / debit / prepaid card

More information can be found by the customer in the article "METHODS OF PAYMENT" which appears at the bottom of our website.

9. What about the delivery of products?

9.1. The delivery of the Products that the customer buys through the Eshop will be made through a courier company and a transport company. The Company reserves the right to change the delivery policy of its products at any time, of course informing the customer before concluding the respective contract. It goes without saying that the Company reserves the right at any time in its sovereign judgment to replace the courier company with which it cooperates.

9.2. Where does the delivery of the products take place and within what time limit:
The delivery of the Products can take place both inside and outside Greece. The delivery time of the products depends on the delivery address, as well as on the time point where you will place the order. For more information, the customer can see the article "QUALITY GUARANTEE - SHIPPING SHOES" which appears at the bottom of our website.

9.3. Shipping Cost Details and Tracking
The customer will be informed about the shipping costs when submitting his respective order. In case the whole basket contains products with a total value of over 120 euros, the shipping is free. After delivery to the carrier, we will send the customer's email a tracking number so that he can tracking the progress of the delivery on the courier's website. In case of shipment with a transport company, the customer will be informed with the delivery of his order to the respective transport company he has chosen.

9.4. Receipt of products.
We deliver the products to the customer or to any third party who will appear at the place of delivery given to us by the customer and state that he has the authority to receive the products. In case the customer has paid by credit or paypal, we can ask him to show the courier his identity and / or your credit card, purely for security reasons. In any case, we have the right to refuse delivery to the entrance of an apartment building or outside to any person. Also, the customer is responsible for checking the products upon delivery and to inform us immediately in case of error.

9.5. Discharge in relation to delivery arrangements.
ELECTRIC REV cannot guarantee the proper and timely delivery of the Products to the customer when the delivery is made through the courier company.

10. Withdrawal from the contract and conditions.

10.1. The customer is entitled by law, to withdraw from this contract in case, without giving any explanation subject to the terms of the article "RETURN AND CHANGE POLICY" as shown at the bottom of the website, declaring it to the company within 14 calendar days. since he acquired the physical possession of the goods. In order the customer exercise the right of withdrawal, he must inform the company by all reasonable means of his decision under this contract within 14 calendar days including a clear statement of withdrawal, as indicated in the article "RETURN POLICY AND OTHER" at the bottom of the website.

10.2. Obligations of the customer for the return of the Product in the context of withdrawal.
In order the withdrawal exercise to be legal, the customer must inform ELECTRIC REV within 14 calendar days and return the product no later than 14 calendar days after the notification of the withdrawal exercise in its original condition, without alterations and with all necessary accompanying documents. Full information can be found in the article "RETURN AND CHANGE POLICY" at the bottom of the website.

11. Questions in relation to a purchase or product purchased.

If there is any question, the customer can contact our Company at 2105128033, Monday-Saturday 11: 00-17: 00 or by email at info @ electricrev.gr. It goes without saying that it can always be addressed to the manufacturers and producers of the products themselves for any more specific questions in relation to the products.

12. What is the company's liability to sell and what happens if buying products with actual defects or lack of agreed properties?
12.1. ELECTRIC REV is responsible for fulfilling the sale for distance contracts and consumer protection. The company does not guarantee that the services, options, contents, prices, descriptions and availability of the products will be provided without interruption and without errors.

12.2. The company demonstrates due diligence so that the photos of the products displayed in the Eshop as well as any videos posted in the Eshop reflect as much as possible the real condition of the products. In any case, however, the customer accepts that the products displayed in the photos and videos may deviate from the actual condition, shape, size, color and overall image of the products sold by Eshop. The company is not responsible in case of deviation of the photographic representation of the product or its representation in video from its real image.

12.3. Company makes every reasonable effort in order to deliver to the customer the product he ordered which will have the agreed properties and without real defects. However, in the rare case that the customer receives a product with defects or if any other problem arises, he should immediately contact the company electronically at info @ electricrev.gr or by phone at 2105128033, Monday-Saturday 11: 00-17: 00 in order to agree on this issue and exercise any rights (see article "RETURN AND EXCHANGE POLICY") In any case, it is pointed out that the description of the products and in general the information included in the indications on the products are made by the suppliers whose details are written on the product and that the Company that participates in the distribution chain only as a final seller does not owes and is neither able to check nor responsible for their truth or accuracy.

12.4. In any case, the customer has the rights provided in article 5 of law 2251/94 for consumer protection and in articles 534 et seq. of the Civil Code. If it is indeed a defective product or a product that lacks the agreed properties and if it informs us within the time period provided by the warranty or the law, then in this case we will agree on how this can be corrected or replaced with other. In any case of our liability for a real defect or lack of agreed quality, the customer in addition to the above right is optionally entitled to withdraw from the contract unless it is a minor defect.

Also, if during the validity of the commercial guarantee, which provides repair of consumer goods, the goods show a defect and the required repair time exceeds twenty (20) working days, the customer is entitled to request its temporary replacement for as long as the repair lasts.

13. What guarantees are given for the products?

The guarantees are provided by the manufacturers of the products themselves at their own risk. It is emphasized that apart from the guarantees provided by the manufacturers, Company does not provide its own guarantee or extension thereof. For the warranty period under the conditions provided by each manufacturer, you must also provide the receipt or invoice with the special seal of the company at the time of sale of the product, otherwise it is not possible to provide the warranty. Company is not responsible for the compliance of manufacturers with their obligations under the law in relation to warranties. Please note that the warranty period is proven exclusively from the date of proof of purchase of the product and in case of loss it is not possible to invoke the warranty.

14. What is the liability of the company -except for the liability from the sale-?

14.1. The company makes every effort, within the framework of the technological control that they carry out at regular intervals, so that the services, the content and the transactions are carried out smoothly and without interruption and the high level of security is maintained. However, it is not responsible if for any reason, including the case of negligence, the operation of the Eshop is interrupted or becomes difficult or impossible to access.

14.2. Access to the Website is the sole responsibility of the customer-visitor.

15. License to access the Website. Restrictions on access and use of the Website / eshop.

It is expressly forbidden to use or otherwise exploit Eshop and its content for business or commercial purposes, such as taking photos and videos, texts, etc. In addition, all trademarks displayed on the Eshop are duly subject to legal protection. Privacy policy must be complied with and you must abstain from any use of the website in a vulgar, offensive, illegal or obscene manner.

16. Framework of the contract with the customer.

ELECTRIC REV reserves the right to change at any time, part or all these terms of use. The changes will be valid only from their posting and the customer will be informed about the valid terms each time upon completion of its market. The company also has every right to renew, upgrade, limit part or all the content and products of the eshop. To modify the operation of the Eshop and the charges, always with information to the customer.

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