1) These General Terms of Sale of Products and Provision of Services govern any transaction between "Electric Rev" (hereinafter "Company") and the Customer. They are posted in a prominent place on the Company's store, as well as on its website. They are also attached behind the legal document or offer of the Company and are an integral part of it. Customer's signature on an order form or document (shipping slip / sales invoice) implies unconditional acceptance of these General Terms by the Customer, who by signing only states that he has read - understood and accepted the general terms of the Company. Finally, signing the document by the Customer implies a presumption of receipt of the products and acceptance of the services mentioned in the relevant document.
2) The offer form is based on the data / availability of the date of preparation of the offer and is subject to the availability of products or spare parts at the date of deposit of the deposit by the Customer - (especially if the deposit is deposited at a later time drafting of the offer). On the date of deposit of the requested deposit by the Customer, there is a ‘confirmation of the availability’ of the product / spare part by the Company and place of the order. For each order, an indicative delivery time of the product (especially bicycle) is given based on the data of the manufacturing factory. The delivery time can be changed by the Company if there is a change in the production time of the bicycle, with a relevant notification to the Customer. The Customer is aware of the possibility that in case of delay of the production time by the factory, this entails a delay and its delivery time by the Company and accepts it. This delay time is considered acceptable if it does not exceed ninety (90) days from the original delivery date.


1) In case of delay in the delivery of the bicycle for a period of more than sixty (60) days from the date of delivery, through the fault of the Company, the Customer can cancel the order and receive back and interest-free advance payment.
2) However, in case the Customer unreasonably cancels the order, then the amount of the deposit is not refunded, but can be redeemed / offset with another product that he chooses to buy from the Company, at the time of cancellation, otherwise if not redeemed within three (3) months, it is permanently lost.
3) Upon arrival of the bicycle, the Customer is obliged to arrive to receive it within five (5) days from the relevant notice, after first paying its value.
4) In case of non-arrival of the Customer to pick up the bike for no reason, a second notification by the Company to the Customer follows after the lapse of three (3) days and in case of non-arrival of the bike to pick up and / or non-payment of the bike, the bicycle is released without further formalities and the Company may at its discretion freely dispose of it to a third party. The amount of the advance is not refunded to the Customer and is withheld by the Company, to cover the relevant loss.
5) Unless otherwise agreed, place of delivery of the products sold or provision of services means the Company's store. In case of sending the bicycle with a transport company to another place, the Company is responsible until the delivery of the bicycle to the transport company. The risk of transport is borne by the Customer. The transport company is the choice of the Customer, even if proposed by the Company.
6) The Company is not responsible for the impossibility of execution on its part, part or the whole, of an order, due to an event that is outside its sphere of control and influence, such as strike or delays of transport companies, customs clearance, restrictive measures due to pandemic or Government restrictions or other events that may be considered by the jurisprudence of the Greek Courts as events of "force majeure" ..
7) The Company retains the ownership of the products delivered to the Customer until the full repayment of the price according to article 532 of the Civil Code. 8) Price is what is stated on the receipt / sales invoice and must be paid immediately / in cash, upon delivery of products or services. Delay in payment of the price, makes it overdue and required and carries interest on arrears.
9) Delivery of securities is made for the purpose of payment and only with their collection is it made and counted as payment of the corresponding amount.
10) The Company's card and its commercial books are complete proof of the Customer's debt. The legal shipping documents / sales invoices legally signed by the Customer, are documents suitable for issuing a payment order.


The products are covered by the manufacturer's warranty and the procedure specified by the manufacturer is followed.


1) The Company guarantees that the bicycles meet all the legal quality and safety standards and have a corresponding certification defined by article 29 of law 4784/2021. Especially for bicycles with assisted cycling, the Company: i) delivers to the Customer, all the legally required accompanying documents, certifying that the bicycles meet the requirements and technical specifications regarding the safety and the protection of public health and the environment and of the safety standard ELOT EN 15194 and ii) fully comply with the obligations of the distributor in the domestic market of bicycles with assisted cycling, arising from article 29 of Law 4784/2021. Receipt of the bicycle and its accompanying documents and certificates is considered to have taken place during the receipt of the bicycle and signing of the legal document.
2) The Company explicitly states that it has informed the Customer about all the legally required technical specifications of the bicycles with assisted cycling and about their safe circulation.
3) The Company is not responsible for any bicycle conversions or release of its final speed. Any installation by the Company, at the request of the Customer, on a bicycle with assisted cycling, engine that does not meet the technical specifications and requirements of circumstance d 'of par. 1 of article 29 of Law 4784/2021 or mechanism of release of its final speed, is done with the exclusive responsibility and initiative of the Customer, who assumes full responsibility and consequences for any violation of article 29 of Law 4784/2021 and K.O.K.
4) The Customer is responsible and undertakes the legal issuance of a license for the registration of the bicycle and license plates, where required.
5) Sending an e-mail from the Customer to the Company, implies the signed direct statement of the Customer to the Company, regarding what is contained in the relevant message (email).


1) The Customer consents to the collection, processing and transmission of his personal data for the execution of the above contract either by the Company or by the manufacturing plant, in accordance with what is specifically defined in the law on personal data.
2) The Personal data of the Customer are those that are written in the document or in the order form or in the request for confirmation of the Customer's data and are kept in the Company's database, according to what is defined by the Law.
3) Pursuant to article 29 of Law 4784/2021, the Company is obliged to keep in a physical file at the headquarters of its company a copy of the declaration of conformity signed by the Customer, as well as to forward it to each Public Authority / Service according to what is defined in state.
4) Every transaction of the Customer with the Company implies the irrefutable presumption of acceptance of the Company's statement on personal data protection, as it applies.


Any dispute that arises between the parties will be resolved amicably, but in case of no agreement being reached, the competent courts will be the Courts of Athens and the applicable law is the Greek one.

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