Bike bag Thule Shield Pannier ID: 1214-129

These multi-purpose panniers deliver on both safety and protection on short trips and longer tours. • Two 13l panniers in incl. in delivery • Added safety with convenient light mounting option • Improved visibility due to reflective elements throughout the bag • Keeps contents dry and dust free due to the IP64 welded construction • Three inner compartments for documents and smaller utensils • Removable shoulder strap for easy carrying • Quickly installing and removing from the carrier with a diameter of 10–16mm without adapter

Κωδικός: 2178103022

Τιμή: 114.95€

Χρώμα: Μπλε ουρανού

Μέγεθος: 13 L




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Αξεσουάρ - Τσάντες Σχάρας Ποδηλάτου

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