Banger 2.0 small-29 ID: 1064-90

Banger 2.0 is a system which uses a very low density technopolymer designed and developed specifically for the MTB sector. It can be inserted into any tire and is easy and fast to assemble (10 seconds) on any type of tubeless-ready rim available on the market. Banger reduces the volume of air inside the tire by 95%, taking the wheel set to a 2.0 level.
Shocks are absorbed, vibrations are reduced and feeling and stability increase markedly. Once you’ve added Banger 2.0 just a few meters are enough to discover totally new features of your bike. Thanks to Banger’s super-light techno compound and its elasticity it guarantees smooth sensations, speed and safety. Banger also provides incredibly efficient “flat prevention”, reducing the risk of punctures or cuts to your tire by 90%.
Banger 2.0 represents a new suspension for your bike. The first sensation of using it when riding is an incredibly smooth and controlled feeling of the wheel set. Right from the smallest obstacles impact energy is absorbed by the elastomeric compound ensuring sensational grip and control. The air that is normally used in the Tubeless system or in systems available so far has a naturally elastic behaviour. With air systems a large impact in compression will give an explosion/elastic rebound in an equal and opposite direction. On the contrary, Banger 2.0 provides a shock-absorbing effect which will notably increase your performance and your confidence. Your bike suspension is already able to damp impacts with low frequency and large amplitudes, but can never guarantee such high sensitivity on rugged terrains with small and frequent unevenness. Banger 2.0, which is directly in contact with the ground together with the tire, adapts itself and absorbs all bumpiness quickly, thus ensuring unprecedented buoyancy and a smooth ride.

Κωδικός: 8054701750445

Τιμή: 149.00€

Χρώμα: Ανθρακί

Μέγεθος: Small - 29"




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